Little Miss Maharashtra

Not long ago I came across a quote by a Mr. Bansal. A line in which said, “Is saving the girl child in her mother’s womb enough?”

Efforts of many over the years have now granted many of her kind a chance to breathe, to soak in the sun, to dance in the rain and roll around in the mud. But, what after that? The physical abuse, the trafficking, the modern-day slavery, the emotional abuse which is still very prevalent in many societies makes saving her at birth feel like a farce. We may not be able to reach the minds of all those who carry out these acts; however, we can try to bring about a change. And in the unfortunate situations where the girl child has already been ravaged we can help in ways possible to us...

Pune’s biggest and most popular name Class Apart India brought the unique concept “LITTLE MISS MAHARASHTRA” for the fashion aficionado. “LITTLE MISS MAHARASHTRA” is an initiative by Class Apart India which gives budding kids models a platform to showcase their talent.

The competition is open for girls (kids) from 3yrs to 17 yrs age groups. The uniqueness of the event lies in the fact that just about anyone who has the desire and the confidence could enroll and go on to win the prestigious crown.

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