About Us

Dr. Akshaya Jain, Aesthetic Cosmetologist, Owner of brand “SKINTILLATINGG” (cosmo-tricho-therapeutic clinic) is the official skin partner for Little Miss Maharashtra 2019.It offers a complete skin and hair care solution under one roof in state-of-the-art infrastructure with FDA approved procedures & Lasers.

SKINTILLATINGG offers a customized skin care plan right from acne treatment, which is rampant among teenagers to anti-aging treatment to LASERS. The treatments offered are safe, FDA approved, Holistic in nature.

Amaleeni Foundation also founded by Dr. Akshaya Jain works for the Women Empowerment and upliftment of women & children. SKINTILLATINGG (cosmo-tricho-therapeutic clinic) is her passion project, whereas AMALEENI FOUNDATION is her purpose in life.

Dr. Akshaya’s Vision through AMALEENI FOUNDATION is to help the destitute, divorced ,helpless women stand on their own, establish their identity, uplift their living standards, teach them skills to earn for themselves and their children, teach children about education, compassion, their role in the society, importance of nutrition, fitness and education and much more. To help Girl child with proper food and education, establishing a self-sufficient approach towards life, to help curb female infanticide through creating awareness among the lower and poor class of people.

Dr. Akshaya has been awarded as TIMES POWER WOMAN 2017 for being the youngest Entrepreneur and many more accolades till dates. She is also a speaker on the PUNE SMART CITY PANEL,2018 and has been the official skin partner & Jury for MIEN pageant and many more.

The platform of Little Miss Maharashtra will also open doors for AMALEENI FOUNDATION to reach out and connect with more people and create awareness regarding the same. Also a part of the revenue generated through this event will be used for Girls education and women empowerment.

• Teaching children about Good touch and Bad touch.
• Personal hygiene and self-care.
• Counselling parents and children for better communication.
• Teaching Self-defense to women to promote women safety.
• Developing skills to ensure self-sufficiency like Digital skills.
• Cooking Skills and importance of Nutrition.
• Driving Skills.
• Housekeeping.
• Gardening.
• Teaching Beauty Courses.
• Training for In-house jobs.
• Teaching various forms of exercises like yoga for fitness.
• Babysitting training.
• Food & Nutrition.


Our vision is to develop more confident female leaders to be equipped & passionate about leading organizations, businesses, schools & agencies domestically & internationally. We work to contribute to a society where women leaders will no longer be viewed as the exception to the rule but as relevant assets & necessary additions to organizations globally.


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